Ways to Deal with Restlessness

Do you experience the feeling of agitation or stir as if something is about to happen? This is called restlessness. Restlessness is a symptom of anxiety. Causes of restlessness depend on the person. There are people that experience restlessness because it is the body’s reaction to adrenaline; adrenaline will provide the body extra rush of energy but the body doesn’t do anything to utilize it.

Mental restlessness happens to other people as well; that unsettling feeling when you feel you need to move or you feel someone is in danger. You cannot eliminate adrenaline so restlessness and anxiety in general will never go away. All you can do is employ techniques that can limit the feeling. Techniques include:

Rethink or identify why you are restless. The first part is always the identification. If you are able to identify why you are restless, the sooner it can be resolved. You can start by writing all your thoughts and feelings in a journal and evaluate it.

Move and burn it. You need to utilize the energy you are given by moving and burning it. Do some physical exercises like jogging, walking and running. If you want you can consider meditation and other relaxation techniques.

Relax and take it easy. Restlessness is the continuous gush of adrenaline rush. It is helpful that after you move and burn it, you relax and take it easy. A simple breathing exercise can make a big difference.

See the doctor. If restlessness persists for a long time accompanied by other symptoms, it is time to get the doctor. What you are feeling might be a serious medical condition. If you feel that there is something unusual about your restlessness, don’t hesitate to come to the doctor.