The ”VideoGame/GearsOfWar” series was partially an

Creator/GeorgeLucas has always been on the forefront of new tech, and has admitted a few times that some of his work was just to see if they could pull it off. ”Series/TheAdventuresOfYoungIndianaJones” in particular was a pioneer on some digital techniques that would eventually be taken to the apex in the StarWars prequels. The prequels themselves was Lucas saying to the film industry that visually nothing is outside their reach now. The ”VideoGame/GearsOfWar” series was partially an experiment to see if they could make the Third Person TakeCover mechanic just as exciting as more traditional First Person Shooters. On another note, it is also a showcase of the graphical power and versatility of the [[GameEngine Unreal Engine]] 3, specifically with regards to scenery interactivity and having characters with notable girth and weight to them.

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