The Short Guy with Glasses The Southpaw Why Did It Have to Be

Associated Tropes: Adorkable: Often described as “nerdy”, whether as himself, or characters such as Louis or Seymour. Canada, Eh? Cloud Cuckoolander: It shows in some interviews. Disappeared Dad: Averted. Moranis quit his acting career to be there for his kids after his wife died of breast cancer. Fun Personified: It shows when he hosted the 2nd episode of the 15th season of Saturday Night Live. He gets to dance, play the guitar, play the saxophone, run the camera, help Jon Lovitz iron his pants, play with the effects machine, help a woman apply make up, and deliver a baby (not a real one, though). Iconic Item: His glasses. Insistent Terminology: He insists to this day that he is not retired, and just hasn’t thought any of the projects that have come his way worth the time away from his kids. Jewish and Nerdy Nice Guy Older Than They Look: In his 20′s and 30′s, he looked about a decade or two younger than he actually was. Plus, he portrayed the comic book character Henry (a young boy) in this SCTV sketch. Pint Sized Powerhouse: Rick is exactly 163 cm, or 5’4”, in height, and spends free time playing hockey. “Sesame Street” Cred: Appeared in two Sesame Street skits in 1996, as well as guest starring on Muppets Tonight. 10 Minute Retirement: His hiatus from acting was supposed to be this a little time off to raise his kids and come back later. In that time, however, he found he didn’t really miss it that much. He now only does movies when he feels they’re worth the extended time away from his family. The Short Guy with Glasses The Southpaw Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: In interviews over the Ghostbusters movies, he claims that he is actually afraid of ghosts.

Shut Up, Hannibal!: Perhaps a more minor example, as Charles was not really a major villain, but Karl lays into him good at the end when he talks pervertedly about his friendship with Frank. Stating the Simple Solution: A man who owns a repair shop spends hours trying to figure out why a small engine won’t start. Karl then points out that it doesn’t have any gas. Straight Gay: Vaughan, played by the late John Ritter, who once played a man acting like he was gay. Averted with Albert Sellers, who despite having only a couple of lines, surely shows his personality. Trademark Favorite Food: Karl loves him some French fried potaters and biscuits with mustard. He’ll also take a couple of cans of that Potted Meat, if’n you have any ex try, mm hmm. Tranquil Fury: From the moment he states his intentions to murder Doyle, right to the moment he hacks the lawnmower blade into his head and waits for the cops after calling them, he’s perfectly calm about the situation. Verbal Tic: Karl’s guttural tone, and his use of “Mmm hmm.” Wham Line:Doyle: What are you doing with that lawnmower blade.

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