The Mafia: Vince’s Reno organization

Multiple expansions have been released in the years following, adding new features and scenarios, as well as expanding and improving upon existing features: After Dark (September 2015), introducing a day/night cycle to the game. Snowfall (February 2016), adding weather and temperature effects. Natural Disasters (November 2016), adding natural disasters and early warning/response systems. Mass Transit (May 2017), introducing mass transit hubs and more methods of transport including ferries, cable cars, and blimps. Green Cities (October 2017), adding eco friendly buildings, electric cars, and various public services, as well as more options for specialized districts. In addition, smaller pieces of Downloadable Content have been released periodically, including additional music for the in game radio (Relaxation Station, Rock City Radio), or Content Creator Packs developed by members of the modding community (Art Deco, High Tech Buildings, European Suburbia).

I Lied: Reverend Mother says this after the monsignor reminds her of her “vow of hospitality.” Kitchen Chase: After Deloris witnesses the murder, her getaway takes her through the casino’s kitchen. Last Second Word Swap: Bless you. Locked Out of the Loop: Monsignor O’Hara and the Reverend Mother are the only ones in the covenant who know about “Mary Clarence’s” true origins until Deloris gets snatched by the mob. Lost in a Crowd: Those habits sure make everyone look identical. The Mafia: Vince’s Reno organization. Magical Negro: Deloris, especially as the Token Black of the convent in the first film. This could be seen as an inverted Mighty Whitey trope, since Deloris is the protagonist (unlike most Magical Negro characters), and she takes over the choir by proving she is better at it than any other nuns. A Minor Kidroduction: The film opens with Deloris (about age nine) getting into trouble at a Catholic school for naming The Apostles as John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Missed Him by That Much: When the convent’s good deeds and efforts to clean up their neighborhood make the news, Vince’s wife Connie is seen watching the story. She calls to her husband (who has his back turned while practicing billiards) to come see the “cute little nuns”; had Vince turned around a few moments earlier, he would have spotted Deloris. Needle in a Stack of Needles: Double Subverted. Near the end of the film, Deloris escapes into a casino, where she sticks out because she’s wearing her nun’s habit. until a bunch of the other nuns also run into the casino to find her. Noodle Incident: Whatever the deal was with “Buckwheat Bertha”. One Steve Limit: Most of the nuns are called Sister Mary something but it’s common for nuns to be given names like this when they join.

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