One even bleeds when it’s damaged

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replica goyard handbags The Abwehran Star Empire, the national government of the four armed Abwehrans. Possess a strong naval tradition would do Honor Harrington proud, complete with boxy starships and relatively mundane science fiction weaponry. Influences heavily by the aforementioned Honorverse, as well as healthy dose of Grimdark. Considered one of the ‘harder’ parts of the setting. The Lorath Matriarchy, a protectorate consisting of the Winged Humanoid Lorath race, who were previously ruled over by the YSE but banded with the UOC when it declared independence from The Empire. One of the few factions to retain slavery (in one form or another) after the formation of the United Outer Colonies, with no lack of irony. In addition to fielding extremely powerful mildly over engineered units, they also have a penchant for uniforms reminiscent of WWII Germany and Fantastic Racism towards the Artificial Human Nekovalkryja. The Freespacers, a race of nomadic pacifistic transhumans who coexist with AI and other synthetic lifeforms in a single large commune connected by a sprawling interstellar communications network. Possess short lifespans as a consequence of genetic adaptations to the background radiation of their haphazardly constructed vessels, and have a preference for railguns and nuclear weapons. Known to field implausible or insane designs that cause headaches or dropped jaws to staff and players alike. “You would understand too if your head was crammed full of wires.” The United Outer Colonies, a utopian peacekeeper nation that recently broke off from The Empire, and seeks to bring peace to the Kikyo Sector. Japanese in flavor as with Yamatai, with some hints of the EU / UN and more Gothic ship and architectural styling. Generally considered to be a Lighter and Softer Yamatai, it caused certain setting elements such as slavery and Fantastic Racism to be toned down or removed altogether. replica goyard handbags

Replica Stella McCartney Handbags Evil Is Visceral: The potentially ecosystem destroying machines which grow gems in the Kindergarten are full of what looks like a human heart, arteries, veins, and other viscera. One even bleeds when it’s damaged, although the way it’s broken suggest the “tissue” is actually made of some brittle mineral. The machines are also essential gigantic Bacteriophage viruses. Exactly What It Says on the Tin: The book series, The No Home Boys. It’s about runaway boys that have no home. Fighting Your Friend: Pearl makes many comments about how awful the Kindergarten is and that no one should tell Steven about it. Amethyst takes offense, tells her to leave, and starts attacking her. Foreshadowing: As Pearl says the homeworld gems did “something very bad” to the Earth, she conspicuously leaves out Amethyst when telling Steven how they chose to defend the Earth. Amethyst looks away, ashamed, and steps on another Robonoid. Garnet follows up by saying “We chose Earth,” and Amethyst silently stares into the corner. Freak Out!: Pearl’s comments at the beginning of the episode remind Amethyst of her long suppressed feelings about her origins, making her eager to get out of the house. When Pearl chastises her for taking Steven to the Kindergarten, these feelings finally come to a head and explode, causing Amethyst to display symptoms such as insane smiling, referring to herself as a parasite, flying into a rage and attacking Pearl, and finally climbing into a hole to sulk. Gaia’s Lament: There’s a stark contrast when Steven and Amethyst enter the Kindergarten. It goes from vibrant to barren, punctuated by Steven stepping on a stick which crumbles into dust. It’s clear that the machines that made the Gems did so at the expense of the Earth itself. And this is hundreds or thousands of years after the machines were shut down, meaning the damage is either permanent or extremely slow to recover from. Genre Shift: In universe, the “No Home Boys” graphic novel introduced fantasy elements. Luckily Pearl is able to reach her. Hidden Depths: It is clear now that Amethyst’s antics and friction with Pearl comes from her “feral” state and her shame over the original purpose of her creation. Hidden Eyes: Amethyst’s eyes are hidden behind her hair just before she attacks Pearl. After Pearl talks Amethyst out of her hole, her eyes are hidden by hair again, but then one eye pokes out and she hugs Pearl. We won Replica Stella McCartney Handbags.