Eventually The Tornado discovers the truth and turns on his

Hunkel first appeared in “All American Comics” 3 (June, 1939), created by Sheldon Mayer. She assumed the Red Tornado identity in issue 20 (November, 1940). Her series ended in 59 (July, 1944). She had a minor crossover with the Justice Society in “All Star Comics” 3 (Winter, 1940). After the end of her series, Hunkel remained a fond memory. She was given minor cameos in retro stories and crossovers, but was not seriously considered for revival until “JSA” 55 (February, 2004), where she was revealed to be still alive. Her long absence was explained with her having joined the Witness Protection Program back in 1950. This time, he was an android with wind creating powers. This version first appeared in “Justice League of America” 64 65 (August September, 1968). The two parter was written by Gardner Fox and drawn by Dick Dillin. Despite realizing that could not be true (because they knew the facts about the original Tornado obviously Morrow didn’t) the Society allowed him to join them. Eventually The Tornado discovers the truth and turns on his own creator, saving the Society and becoming a true hero.

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