Darker and Edgier: While the earlier episodes were mostly

The game takes its maps and characters from the Original Trilogy, though various elements from the Expanded Universe and Prequel Trilogy can be found with a keen eye. Game modes include straight up Team Deathmatch, a battle against Imperial AT AT’s, and matches revolving around teams of Rebel and Imperial movie characters battling it out. Though the game sticks to the era of the Original Trilogy, it does not stick to any sort of canon, instead giving players a sandbox with Original Trilogy elements and only vaguely referencing the events of the films. This means that Greedo can interact with the player despite Han already being a member of the Rebellion, and Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine being playable on maps set after Return of the Jedi.

Creepy Centipedes: Little King John sings about turning little black worms into centipedes. Darker and Edgier: While the earlier episodes were mostly short slice of life adventures, Ratboy Genius Dreams Minecraft has an actual antagonist in the form of Little King John and a more adventurous plot, which hilariously, grew the fanbase. Dark Reprise: The pilot episode of features the main theme in minor and at a slower tempo. Evil Counterpart: Little King John to the Ratboy Genius. He’s even a Palette Swap of him with a crown, and kidnaps Little Summer Solstice Baby to try and make her fall in love with him. Also, unlike Ratboy, he is way more Off Model then he is. Knight of Cerebus: Ratboy’s life was all beach parties and operas until Little King John came along. Even if it is All Just a Dream. Milking the Giant Cow: Little King John does this whenever he sings. He flows with the music. Off Model: The intentionally bad and derpy faces for every character’s 3D variant can be considered this, but Little King John is truly this. His body streches out, turns around faster then it should, and we see in the Dreams Minecraft series finale can even stretch out to Ratboy and the escaped Summer Solstice Baby while they’re flying so far he is practically 5 times larger then them in the perspective. You can even see his head clearly far into the fly away from the stop, and it’s not until they reach the real world castle, which they were flying to, that you can’t see him. Perpetual Smiler: Happyman is constantly smiling, even when he finds out Little King John has taken over his factory. Psychopathic Manchild: Little King John seems unable to comprehend anyone’s feelings beyond his own, exemplified in his immature selfishness when taking over Happyman’s factory as well as his denial that Summer Solstice Baby dislikes him despite her repeated insults. Punch Clock Villain: Clyde works for Little King John, but when he’s not at the castle he willingly helps Ratboy on his quest. Take Your Time: Ratboy Genius’s girlfriend had been kidnapped, yet he spends a day riding roller coasters. Villainous Breakdown: Little King John has one at the end of Episode 5. Villain Song: Little King John sings two in RBG Dreams Minecraft: After kidnapping Summer, he sings the creepy Potato Knishes song http://seekuscorp.com/2012/11/20/tobacco-is-a-stone-cold-killer/, although it’s more about the things he makes in his factory than about how evil he is. However, he later got another one in the first Interlude, largely about stealing Happyman’s factory for himself.

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