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In the same fashion, intifadas are part of the Palestinian

Peace may be the true threat to Hamas

It time to wonder whether Israel and Palestine will ever be able to move out of the moral abyss moncler outlet store into which they plunged themselves, and address the threat of peace.

is the right term. Because peace is dangerous for leaders in the Middle East.

It always has been. moncler outlet prices But back in the early 1990s, Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who hated everything the other stood for, knew that each had his reasons for working for peace. Just possibly, they imagined, peace would be better than war for future generations. Certainly it would not moncler moncler outlet store sale online be as wasteful.

Not that those days were bliss but at least peace was plausible.

The tragic truth is that positions have hardened now. Today’s rulers, singularly unimaginative and reactive, are not vessels aching to be filled with the potion of moncler uk outlet peace. Both Rabin and Arafat learned in brutal moncler sale fashion that working toward peace is a perilous, risky business.

After this past decade, can the two sides ever be courageous enough to move beyond their twisted mutual history toward shaky and precarious chairs at the peace table?

This is not to suggest that there is equal blame to be assigned for the turmoil and bloodshed of the past 10 years. Hamas’ behavior may be wretched and irresponsible, but Israel has occupied Gaza even while walking away from it, and its indiscriminate bombing of civilian populations in a place it holds prisoner is inexcusable.

Yet eventually warring sides must progress from mutual murder to a lasting peace in which “lawns” don’t get “mown” cheap moncler jackets (the cynical Israeli metaphor for their repeated shelling of Gaza), nor soldiers kidnapped, nor teens executed, nor neighborhoods razed, nor playing boys bombed.

It hard to get there because with peace in Israel, the population is likely to become more restive, more concerned with tough domestic problems that the government needs to face. Peace means individualism uk moncler sale and hard fought political battles. uk moncler outlet War means groupthink which is to say reflexive support moncler outlet online for the military and the prime minister who goes to war.

In Palestine (call it Gaza for the moment), peace would mean the challenge of figuring out how to run a nation, how to create an economy, how to lead a normal family life. Peace diverts the public mind from hatred of Israel and from groupthink. War, on the other hand, stops people from focusing on whether their leaders have served them well or poorly.

Can Israel and Palestine address the threat of peace?

But most of all, peace is for moderates and the leadership discount moncler jackets in both Israel and Gaza despise moderation. They despise compromise, they fear the handshake. They loathe everything that leads to peace, including negotiation. They can only be led to the cease fire table by outsiders.

War is simpler for them, easier. Indeed, it sometimes seems that hating Israel is just a tool in internal Palestinian politics, and despising Hamas simply an expected element in Israeli elections, a key plank in the political platform.

War is a basic component of the Israeli creation myth. In the same fashion, intifadas are part of the Palestinian identity. Wage a war, cheap moncler jackets womens stage an intifada and all the people on your side will follow.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, for example, is far more popular now than he was before this latest round of killing began.

And almost everyone in Gaza knows that Israel’s long blockade of the strip, plus its sporadic intensive bombings, moncler online store have pushed Gazans further into the arms of Hamas. At least three generations of Palestinians have now been raised on the romance of resistance. Protective Edge, the name of this latest Israeli operation in Gaza, has thus enhanced the militants’ standing. If an election were held tomorrow, Hamas could moncler outlet woodbury win it by universal acclaim.

The point of view of each side is pretty well understood. Israel, as always, feels it’s in an existential war and points to Hamas’ new tunnels and longer range missiles as good reasons for bad Israeli behavior. cheap moncler jackets mens Hamas, understandably, points to the slow starvation and imprisonment of the Palestinian people in Gaza as a reason for continued, if impotent, shelling of Israel.

The whole Gaza affair is a pathological repetition of the dysfunctional relationship of these two populations, who both consider themselves victims even as they are firing off rockets that kill entire families, or are intended to kill entire families. Any psychoanalyst could tell you that these two have to change their behaviors.

But the leaders on both sides don see it that way. Like sick siblings, each side needs the other to establish its own identity. Israel is now close to meaningless without the Palestinian threat. As for the Palestinians without Israeli oppression to resist, who are they at this point?

Still, the entity most undermined by the recent conflict is Israel. It like an angry older brother. It just continues to bash and bash, not realizing that little bro has become more agile, cleverer, more resourceful and has new friends.

While the Israelis again use the macho satisfying clich of aerial overkill to deal with the enemy, the Palestinians now have better hardware and infrastructure for resistance, and they also become better at hiding their moves from Israeli intelligence.

Hamas can now hold out longer, pushing the game into overtime. While Hamas continues the fight, more Palestinians die in Israeli bombings, and more members of the international community move into the moncler outlet sale Palestinian camp. It a brilliant strategy: to fight, and die, and in losing, win.

Hamas must bear some responsibility for the civilian casualties on its side during this round of conflict but there is no better place cheap moncler sale to hide your moral shame than behind the bodies of your own people. International disgust at the killing of innocent civilians can sometimes stop superior firepower in its tracks.

It now old fashioned even moncler womens jackets to mention best moncler jackets the Oslo peace moncler outlet process, but it bears considering. cheap moncler coats mens What was the idea behind peace, as far as Israel was concerned?

The reason to pursue peace was that normalization of the Palestinians would bring them into the fold of respectable nations, with responsibilities other than resistance moncler usa and militancy.

But that peace fell apart, dramatically, when extremists on both moncler sale outlet sides destroyed their own moderates. The second intifada began; Hamas took over Gaza; Fatah, Arafat organization that had sought peace, was marginalized, and Israelis sealed off the strip and bombed its airport. A militant Israel de normalized the Gazans and ensured that they would remain extreme in their hatred of Israel. What else is there to do for a population that is 70 percent to 80 percent unemployed?

It may be wrong to go that far. Yet the extremism of Israel leadership offers precious little reason to expect a meaningful change in the ugly status quo any time soon.

PHOTO (TOP): Relatives of Palestinian woman Amani Baraka, whom medics said was killed in an Israeli air strike, mourn during her funeral in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, August 10, 2014. REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa.

None of them ranks in the top 10 standings this season or last

A Fine Finish As We Pay Cheeky Respect To The Godfather

canada goose victoria parka outlet Let’s begin by noting that for six weeks one of the producers of the Kingsford “BBQ Pitmasters” has been telling me the finals will be broadcast on the new Destination America network on July 8, a fact I have published in all five of my previous reviews exclusively on The Huffington Post. Then, last week they pulled a last minute switcheroo and announced that the broadcast of the final cookoff would be on Sunday, July 1. The announcement also contained this good news: There will be a new season of “BBQ Pitmasters”. If you took Sunday night off, here’s what happened: canada goose victoria parka outlet

canada goose outlet paypal It was winner take all as the five victors from the preliminaries competed for $50,000, the title “Kingsford BBQ Pitmasters Grand Champion,” and a spot in the Kingsford Invitational (at which I will be a judge). canada goose outlet paypal

canada goose outlet edmonton In this episode the contestants assembled in Lexington, NC, at the Barbecue Capital Cookoff in late April. The competitors were, in the order of their finish: canada goose outlet edmonton

canada goose vest outlet 1) Johnny “Godfather” Trigg, Smokin’ Triggers, Alvarado TX (my prediction: 1). The grand old man of barbecue at age 73, a specialist in ribs, buy canada goose jacket he has appeared on all three seasons. Trigg claims to have won $600,000 in competition over the years, but the $50,000 check was by far his biggest. canada goose vest outlet

canada goose outlet in uk 2) Corey Brinson, Fatback’s BBQ Rib Shack, Fayetteville, NC (my prediction: 4). This good guy makes a living selling barbecue uk canada goose from a trailer hitched to his pickup. You get the feeling he could really use the money. I had to root for him. canada goose outlet in uk

buy canada goose uk 3) Danielle “Diva” Dimovski, Diva Q BBQ, Barrie, Ontario (my prediction: 2). This demonstrative, nervous Canadian is among the few competitors on the circuit who can cook more than the four meats required in a competition. She’s a well rounded cook. She’s won a few events, but rarely any of the most prestigious events, and she’s still not in canada goose uk outlet the same league as Trigg and Cookston, although she talks as if she is. She did get in the best one liner during the judging. The contestants were watching the judges from another location when one complained that Diva’s pork wasn’t as silky as it should be. “It’s freakin pork,” she groaned “not [bleepin] lingerie.” buy canada goose uk

canada goose outlet buffalo 4) (Tie) Melissa Cookston of Memphis Barbecue Co. in Nesbit, MS (my prediction: 3). The winningest woman canadian goose jacket in barbecue, one of the winningest cooks regardless of gender, a successful restaurateur and a modest person who says “We believe smack talk is bad karma, and karma is a bitch, she’ll bite you in the ass.” In other words, she is the anti Diva. canada goose outlet buffalo

canada goose outlet houston 4) (Tie) Solomon uk canada goose outlet “Rib King” Williams, Carolina Rib Kings of Georgetown, SC (prediction: 5). Relatively inexperienced in big comps, he won his prelim by beating two lightweights, and was in Canada Goose Parka over his head. He talked smack about Trigg being old and ready to step aside for him. Not yet, my friend. canada goose outlet houston

canada goose outlet michigan From left to right in the picture above, they are Solomon, Brinson, Cookston, Dimovski and Trigg. canada goose outlet michigan

canada goose outlet ontario For last year’s finals, the producers threw canada goose the cooks a fastball at their chins: Whole Hog. This year they lobbed a softball right over the plate. Whole pork shoulder and spare ribs. These are meats they should be able to cook buy canada goose jacket cheap with their canada goose factory sale eyes closed although they are more used to cooking just the upper part of the shoulder, called the butt. So they all went about their business on autopilot, and then, with about two hours left, the judges had them step forward. Out came a cooler filled with a pig cheeks. Jowls, as they are also called, make excellent bacon or a variant, Italian Guanciale. But because they are tough well exercised muscles, I suppose they will do well if canada goose clearance sale cooked low and slow to tenderize them. They were also told they had to display all three meats in the same presentation box. canada goose outlet ontario

canada goose jacket outlet uk All the teams pretty much treated the shoulder and ribs with the standard competition barbecue method: Trim the fat, inject flavor, season with a sweet and salty rub, roast low and slow in a smoky cooker, wrap in foil after a few hours to braise and tenderize, remove from foil and roast a little longer to firm the crusty bark and serve. That’s the way these folks cook practically everything. Yes, each did little things differently, but by and large they all have just this one basic recipe they use with only minor variations on everything. canada goose jacket outlet uk

canada goose outlet store near me The cheeks caused a lot of consternation. Diva was the only one to say she had cooked them, so the others were improvising. After they trimmed them they ended up with a pear shaped cut of meat about the size of a large pork chop. Trigg pan seared his with Canada Goose Jackets onions, and then put them in foil in his pit. Cookston braised hers in an aluminum pan in her smoker. Diva cut them into small bite sized chunks, a smart move that made them easier to chew. But the judges complained about it because they couldn’t judge how tough they were. Solomon caught the worst slam of the day with his cheeks: One judge said they were “like a pencil eraser.” Ouch. canada goose outlet store near me

canada goose outlet nyc Trigg says he’s never injected meat canada goose store and he never will. He rubbed his meats with a layer of oil before laying down his spices, an unusual method I have been recommending for years because many of the spices are oil soluble. He cooked all his meats in his large tubular Jambo offset wood burning pit at about 250F. canada goose outlet nyc

canada goose outlet mississauga Brinson cut what is called “the money muscle” off the shoulder and injected the rest with brown canada goose uk shop sugar and apple juice, but it was not clear how he handled the money canadagooseuk muscle. He cooked at about 275F on a Backwoods Smoker, a big box that looks like a black refrigerator. canada goose outlet mississauga

canada goose outlet factory Diva canada goose coats partially separated the money muscle and tied it to make sure it was tubular. She injected with phosphates, cooked at 225F on a pellet smoker which has a digital Canada Goose Outlet thermostat control, runs on electricity, and burns wood pellets canada goose black friday sale made from sawdust. Most folks don’t inject ribs, but more and more are doing it nowadays. Diva did. She cooked the ribs in her Onyx Oven, a charcoal smoker, at 225F for a few hours to get them smoky, and then she moved it to a pellet grill to finish. canada goose outlet factory

canada goose factory outlet vancouver Cookston removed most of the fat from her canada goose clearance shoulder to promote more dark bark formation. A lot of cooks leave the fat on to baste the meat with rendering fat, but bark is popular with judges (and everyone else), so I agree with her. She cooked it at 225F on her Backwoods. Her ribs cooked at 275F. I’m not sure how she cooked the two meats at different temps unless she had two cookers. canada goose factory outlet vancouver

canada goose outlet online uk Solomon injected his shoulder with pineapple juice, apple juice, salt, sugar and he said he would cook at 225 to 235F. But then he put the ribs in the same smoker and said he would cook at 250F, so clearly these guys were not sworn to honesty. He cooked on either a Southern Pride or Ole Hickory, a huge box that has a ferris wheel arrangement inside and enough capacity to handle a medium size restaurant. canada goose outlet online uk

canada goose outlet ottawa This was a good formula for this type of cooking contest, much improved over last season. The best change was the time devoted to showing us a lot more about how these guys cook. And that was a revelation. I’m not sure folks at home should be thinking about pumping phosphates into their meats, squeezing Parkay all over them, and wrapping them in foil for much of the cooking. This is both overly fussy for backyard barbecue and a far cry from the “traditional barbecue” the judges kept speaking about. What we saw was a whole new form of barbecue, as different from traditional Southern Barbecue as is Chinese Barbecue. canada goose outlet ottawa

canada goose outlet store new york As a reader, Mike Bolda, commented on my Facebook page, “I am by no means a traditionalist, but I know I wouldn’t let them chemicals roast on my pit. Might as well use lighter fluid to start your fire.” canada goose outlet store new york

canada goose clothing uk The judges clearly knew more about this style of cooking than last year’s panel, which was anchored by Myron Mixon, and had former NFL star Warren canada goose uk black friday Sapp and famous chef Art Smith. Replacing the chef and jock with Tuffy Stone, a top pitmaster himself, and Aaron Franklin, owner of the hottest barbecue joint in the nation put real experts on the canada goose coats on sale panel. This is both good and bad. I would like to see judges who are not holding a Platonic vision of what ribs should taste like. I would like to see judges capable of enjoying creativity, like ribs with an Asian flavor, or pork loin cubed and skewered on rice with a mushroom sauce. canada goose clothing uk

canada goose outlet seattle I also wish the judges weren’t allowed to watch the cooks at work. This is far too much info for them to have to be truly blind tasters. I know they will protest that they never let knowledge of how each team cooked cloud their judgment, but it is well known in product evaluation community that a taster will use all the information available to him, consciously or unconsciously. I seriously doubt that the show was rigged, but the fact that Trigg is Canada Goose online good friends with at least two of the judges, and they could see him at work, is enough to make me wish they had not been watching, and it should make the producers nervous too. As they say in politics, the appearance of wrong doing is just as bad as doing wrong. canada goose outlet seattle

canada goose outlet online store I wish they had made the contestants stretch a little more. Canada Goose sale No, not the froglegs and snakes they were forced to cook last year. Yes, this year they were given turkey, ham, pork belly, pork jowls and whole chickens, not the boneless breasts they cook in competitions. But it might have been fun to see if they have a clue about rack canada goose outlet uk of lamb, shrimp, salmon, steaks, even burgers. Then again, I fear that they would probably cook them all the same way they cook ribs. Alas, these folks really don’t have much range. canada goose outlet online store

canada goose outlet black friday Another way they could improve is to get better Pitmasters. Although Judge Mixon said “You are all the five best Pitmasters in the country,” it would be hard to make the case for this for more than 3 or cheap Canada Goose 4 of the 15 cooks. None of them ranks in the top 10 standings this season or last. I know they are looking for cooks with personality, this is entertainment and there is toilet paper to be sold, but I know for a fact that many of the real top pitmasters have plenty of personality, although not all of them may be willing to brag as much as the contestants that were chosen. What they don’t have is a clever audition tape. In this era of reality TV, if they remade the Wizard of Oz, Scarecrow wouldn’t be cheap canada goose uk asking for a brain, he’d beg for an audition tape. canada goose outlet black friday

canada goose outlet location On the other hand, there was a broader range of cooks with more racial and gender diversity. But nobody from Kansas City? canada goose outlet location

official canada goose outlet It strikes me as a shame that this year the competition is on the road in great barbecue towns (Tupelo, MS; Memphis, TN; Thomaston, GA; Dothan, AL; Salisbury, MD; and Lexington, NC), and they didn’t have time to spend visiting local pitstops and showing us the wonderful regional lure and lore of barbecue. One can hope that next year, Destination America might live up to its name and commission an accompanying series that will take Canada Goose Coats On Sale us into the local pitstops and firehouse cookouts. official canada goose outlet

canada goose outlet los angeles A piddling thing, but Canada Goose Online these shows are selling advertising and they really bend over backwards to hide all product brand names unless they pay for placement. They even covered over the brand of pineapple juice one cook used. But it would be nice to hear what brand of cookers they are using. Really, folks, Jambo, Onyx, MAK, Backwoods, etc. are not your ad prospects. They are small Mom Pop manufacturers. How about next year letting the judges tell us about their cookers? Yeah, I know I’m dreaming. canada goose outlet los angeles

canada goose outlet jackets Another minor bitch: sometimes things just felt a little too rehearsed, a little to scripted. This device that all reality shows love to use, where individuals sit quietly alone and talk into the camera in whole sentences explaining what is happening as if they were an invisible interlocutor floating above the scene as it is going on. We all know that by the time these cutaways are filmed, the speaker knows he has been voted off the island, but they speak as if they’re still in it. I just don’t buy it. It is fakey. And don’t get me started on the way these shows come back after commercial by running snippets of everything that happened since the beginning. I’ll bet they waste 20% of the air time on this sort of stuff. canada goose outlet jackets

canada goose outlet niagara falls Oh yeah, one more thing? Anybody notice the sparse audience each week has the same fans? Come on. Nobody stands around and watches smoke rise for 11 hours. But I do know a bit about barbecue, and I have noticed that the viewer comments here, on barbecue sites and Facebook have been generally positive. I also know that I have voiced some of these criticisms in previous critiques this season, and many of you have agreed canada goose outlet niagara falls.

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One reason we might yawn, of course, is because of a lack of sleep or poor sleep. Many of us are sleep deprived as a result of long hours at work. We might have things in our environment that interfere with our sleep, such as a partner or roommate who snores, traffic, or a noisy factory nearby.

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