New ‘Android Key Lime Pie’ Expected Features

Google, the brain behind Android, has announced their next Google I/O conference which is on May 15- 17 of this year. The developers have been very secretive on what to expect from the conference, but rumours suggest that it’s about Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. The new Android is expected to get many innovated features, though there’s no official statement about it yet. Hopefully, Key Lime Pie may include some of these features.

1.   Improve Video Chat

To rival Apple’s FaceTime, Google may need to have built-in video chat in the Android 5.0. It would be much better if Google will provide its own video chat system in the new version.

2.   SMS sync between SIM and phone

Since all incoming messages are automatically stored in phone memory, users lose important messages when changing their handsets. Enabling SMS sync between SIM memory and phone memory would make things much easier for the users to keep important messages.

3.   Integration of social network apps

Existing Androids don’t have integrated social networking apps. Other smartphone brands, like Apple, have their own versions of social network apps. Key Lime Pie must have its own integration of social networking applications.

4.   Improved battery life

Since smartphone features are advanced and innovated, it quickly drains the handset’s battery. The new Android must be able to maximize extend battery life to support higher handset features.

5.   Multi-screen feature

With Android handsets getting larger and larger screen sizes, there really is more room for split screens. Currently, Samsung has the best of this feature, but none of the operating systems has this default feature.

Practical Business Ideas You Can Do From Home

If you are that type of person who wants to maximize all available resources to earn some extra money, here are several business ideas you can do right from the comfort of your home.


If you are a great cook, then you can have a catering business. You can accept orders for special events such as weddings, birthdays and corporate events, or for important occasions such as Christmas and other holidays. You can also bake cakes and biscuits. All it takes for this kind of business venture to be successful is strong marketing and advertising through packaging.

Board and Lodging

If you have some vacant rooms, then another good business idea would be to have them for lease to foreign students in your locale. You can set specifications as to who can rent a space, say a male or a female, and also other conditions. However, take note that students will need Internet access and a room conducive to studying.


If you love children and find taking care of them as an easy task, then you can take a paid job to look after other people’s children. The most common reason why parents need someone else to watch over their kids even just for a few hours is their hectic work schedule. You may be requested to fetch them at school and cook for them when their parents are not around.

Personal Assistance for the Elderly

If you are passionate of taking care of old people, then you can provide personal assistance for them at a reasonable price. Often, they need someone to assist them in doing house chores such as gardening, changing curtains and light bulbs. If you are patient and loving, you can take a job as an on-call helper for elderly people who no longer have a family member to look after them.

Technique for Manufacturing an Accurate Business plan for Oklahoma

In order to create a comprehensive & accurate business plan, do the following things:

• Understand your business: Before you embark upon the task of formulating a business plan, you should understand your business thoroughly. This is done just to make sure that you know what you are going to do. If you understand your business properly you will also write the correct things about it.
• Understand the market: It is just not necessary to understand your business, but it is also important that you understand the market to which your business is focussed on. After all, all your revenues will come from the market.
• Have a vision: Write your business plan in such a manner that truly reflect what you are planning to do in the future & what you are expecting to get from it. Before you start going into all the niity gritties of a business give people something where they can actually visualize the future of your business.
• Capable management: Make sure you have included capable managers in your business & write about their credentials in your plans.
• Have a sound but realistic budget & forecast: Make a sound budget & financial forecasts after thoroughly studying market conditions, economic scenarios, factors which can affect the business in future etc.
• Be prepared to take risks: Be prepared to risks if necessary but unnecessary risk taking must be avoided.
• Write some unique thing in your business plan: try to write things in your business plan which will set you apart from others. But don’t go overboard with them.
• Stick to the plan: No matter what happens stick to your plan but be flexible to make adjustments at the same time.