Businesses Save Cost with Singapore Web Hosting

Similar is the arrangement in shared web hosting Singapore environment with you getting resources as per your requirement sharing them with hundreds of other website owners. When we talk of resources of the server, it is not just the storage space and bandwidth that get shared, even the OS, RAM, CPU are shared.

When a site grows to an extent that it starts to receive thousands of Singapore visitors daily, its requirement of bandwidth in its web hosting cpanel account goes up with the result that his site may be taken off by the web host. This is done so that the performance of other websites on the server does not suffer. It is seen with some websites that are making use of shared web hosting singapore that there sites do not load fast enough as it does when it is on dedicated web hosting.

However, not all sites are equal when one compares them on the basis of their content and as such their requirements. Some are media rich with HD videos and audio files that take up much storage space in their Singapore web hosting server whereas there are other with small content and this require very little storage space.